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Authentication of Biometrics

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Safety and security are the two things which everyone will be looking for. Whether it may be belongings are personal data in the PC, we are in need of a safety system. Biometrics provides extreme security. It is a branch of information technology which is used to measure and analyze the identification of a person. Authentication is important to safeguard our belongings. Face recognition uses series of image or an image obtained from the camera to recognize the person. It works from a long distance and monitor the persons without their knowledge while most of the biometric systems needs the persons to come directly and close to them to recognize their identification.

There are number of players available in the market which creates the logon security for the networks and Pc. The best of the player is found to be the Identix technologies which is integrated into window 2000 active directories and provides quick verification process. And next best player is found to be the digital persona UareU, provides adequate support and solution, but less when compared to the Identix player. The biometrics locks could be effective to protect our secret information and belongings. Also you can identify the person who had tried to unlock the lock in our absence. The latest advancement in the technology is the evolution of fingerprint locks. With the help of the irises, vein patterns, hand prints and finger prints are used to lock your belongings. The biometrics can be very effective in protecting not only the data but also the precious things present in our home. A biometric lock can be used to lock the doors of the house and only the person who has stored his finger print can unlock it again.