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Many Benefits of Using Firewalls

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Firewalls are filters that filter any information passing from and into your computer when you are surfing the Internet. It is up to you to set a filtration level where you can say what information gets in and what gets out. Many people believe that the firewalls are the first level of security and they are not far from the truth. There are many benefits of using firewalls.

If you are using a computer at home or office, it is important to have a firewall. The thing is that most large organizations have very complex firewalls which are relatively impenetrable. These firewalls prevent employees from sending out sensitive company data through emails. They also prevent employees from accessing sites which could be harmful to the organization’s network or stop the employees from being productive. In addition, firewalls prevent other computers from accessing the company’s network.

The benefits of using a firewall are immense for an organization and that is why it is in such great demand. There are many different levels of configuration possible with firewalls and any organization using them would require trained IT employees to oversee and maintain them.

When we talk about computers at home, the firewall used is not as complex as that used in an organization. Here the firewall just has to protect your home PC and network from malicious software like viruses and spyware. A firewall on your home computer does not allow traffic to enter or go out other than what has been programmed..

Why You Need to Know about Shareware?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Shareware is the online access platform where you can get to try different software for free and then buy the one that best suits you. You do not need to walk to a store, buy boxed software, then get it home, try it on your computer and find that it is incompatible! Imagine the degree of dissatisfaction! Worst, most stores won’t even take it back if the only problem that you have is incompatibility. You are supposed to know that before you buy the software.

Not many people avail of the facilities that shareware offers, but frankly speaking it is one of the best options available for those who require constant upgrades and latest versions of their favorite programs. It has its niche follower base, but the truth is most people are not aware of its many advantages. Why is shareware better than commercial software purchase? Let’s see:

It is cheap. A package of spreadsheet, word processor, and database can cost you anywhere between $15 to maximum $100 in shareware while in commercial shops the whole package will cost you upwards of $200 and the Microsoft Office suite would cost you almost the same.

It can be purchased easily. Once you are at the appropriate shareware site, you can download the version that you need for free and test it easily on your computer. If you decide to buy it just use your credit card and buy it online immediately.

It is latest. The software versions available through shareware are latest. If in the commercial shops you are getting version 3.0, then in shareware you will get version 5.0 already available for testing and download.

It can be tried. You can try shareware software before actually letting go off your moolah! This in my opinion is the best advantage of shareware. No commercial shop will take back your opened box of software for the reason that it is not compatible. There is no knowing either before you try a certain software, whether it is compatible with your operating system or not.

Shareware is available online. Search for the software that your are looking for in Yahoo or Google and the results will take you to one Shareware website or the other. You will also get shareware site links in different online forums on software usability and functioning. Many authors of software and independent programmers provide shareware links in their individual websites as well..