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How to Effectively Use Antivirus Software Program to Protect Your Computer

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

This is always an important aspect for anyone on how to run my computer safely, neatly and with high PC speed. How do anti virus programs help protect my computer and your own PC as well? And where can one get expert reviews and guides to download such internet and computer security antivirus programs which are well compatible with the current operating system running on your PC and also have Microsoft certification of authenticity to offer you and your digital world the required security against this current wave of computer virus-worm-Trojan-spyware-malware causing security threats.

From the click of a computer mouse through the navigation of the internet and saving and accessing your files and folders in your computer laptop or desktop or even hand held PDAs, virus awaits at each stage to get itself inserted in one or more root files in your computer. The end target of any computer virus, Trojan horses, and malware, spyware and computer worms is to literally deceive and as well command the computer to run or execute the virus dangerous program which will finally crash the computer or its part such as the hard disk drive (HDD) or to lose your important files and data and above all make your PC run annoyingly slow, which we have reviewed how to fix the errors and speed up the PC by registry key sanitization. But much thanks to the antivirus programs that have so well been configured to give us complete security package when properly and effectively put in use as we will share with you most of our expert review guides in this aspect of computing and computer usage.

Software installed as computer antivirus programs does a scheduled and in-depth scanning of your computer for viruses, Trojans, computer worms, malware and spyware. This scan covers e-mails and e-mail attachments, and other numerous files, folders in various part of your PC including the desktop environment, my documents folder, LAN and other networks and other partitions of your local hard disk. If a virus, malware, spyware, adware or Trojans are detected the antivirus program in use cleans the file, quarantines the virus, or entirely deletes the file and the virus before it causes error in your PC and thereby slow the speed of your computer.

The good aspect of these antivirus programs is their ability to update automatically and this is to make sure that new viruses and threats are checked and your computer be protected against such virus and other new attacks. If your antivirus is not built for automatic updates, do check for updates on frequent basis because new viruses emerge every day. If your antivirus requires subscription, do keep it current to receive updates. If your list of viruses is out of date, your computer is vulnerable to new threats and attacks..