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Mega Pixel Machine Vision Lenses

Mega pixel machine vision lens have now become even better with the latest production technology gained from Pentax single reflex camera systems. 5 Mega pixel 2/3″ ultra high resolution that minimize distortion and give up to 40 per cent more light distribution, compact in design for those small vision system requirements that have limited space for the vision system to fit in.

Ultra High Resolution with High Contrast

Pentax high resolution, high contrast and high resolving power 140LP/mm from centre to corners, clear and sharp image with high contrast even at the corners.

The new Mega pixel lens feature 12mm, 16mm, 25mm and 50mm and are ideal for the diverse machine vision application.

Advanced Design and Development Philosophy:

By meeting and sharing information with CCTV camera manufacturers, and based on the market demands, PENTAX continuously develops and introduces advanced products. The development of lenses for 1/2″and 1/3″ format size corresponding to the miniaturization of sensors and adoption of CS mount prior to the industry contributing to the reduced size and higher efficiency of cameras is an example of our insight and development ahead of the industry trend

Compact, High Quality and Performance

Advanced optical technology of PENTAX has been condensed in a compact and lightweight body. With the careful inspection of prototypes and strict quality control in the production process, PENTAX provides high reliability that fulfills customers’ demands by the thorough pursuit of high quality and performance.

Minimize Distortion

Reduced distortion to the minimum 1 per cent lens optical distortion at diagonal 0.2 per cent or less T.V. distortion, very suitable for image measurement.

Abundant Light Distribution

Evenly bright and high resolution image from centre to the corners and fast aperture F1.4 40 per cent more light available than the other none mega pixel lens.

1. Ultra high resolution compatible for most mega pixel cameras.
2. Less distortion.
3. Best optical performance for short distance objects.
4. Focus and iris lock screws and 4mm long c-mount threads reliable against vibration and shock.
5. Compact in design with maximum diameter of 42mm, compatible with 3.45 micron.

Meeting Diversified Surveillance and Imaging Demands

Along with a wide variety of standard lenses, the PENTAX product line up includes UV sensitive lenses, high speed zoom lenses for security systems, machine vision lenses designed for close focus, lenses for board cameras, and lenses for Image Recognition and more. Whether it’s in a bank, traffic, office, factory or Laboratory

Machine Vision Applications

Are ever growing and are playing an important role in major industries where higher level or quality assurance and zero defect is expected the important roles include surface inspection, completeness checks, measuring, defect detection, robot vision for automated production and many more vision applications..