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Data Centers for Business

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

There are some major differences between the two and we will have a look at each.

Traditional Data Center

The traditional center is typically a facility that is used to house the computer systems and the things necessary to keep the center up and running. It will or should have a backup power supply, connections for the data communications and the environmental controls. There will be security devices put into place. The larger centers are industrial size and scale and can use enough electricity to supply a small town.

These traditional centers started out in huge rooms where the computers were located. Because early computers were so complex and needed a special environment to run. Many cables were needed in order to run the centers which made it necessary to build racks and computer trays.

The mainframe would heat up so special coolers had to be built into the room. The large amounts of electricity that was needed to keep the data center up and running could be very expensive. Security was important because there were centers located in rooms that contained government information on them.
Many of the companies began to build their own centers and this continued until the boom of the microcomputer age.

Cloud Data Center

As computers became more complex and able to do more the way a business networked them began to change. Data centers were changing too and this is when cloud computing started to become popular. Date centers for cloud computing are referred to as CDC’s.

As these data centers began to grow organizations were scrutinizing these centers for environmental impact, adherence to standards, level of security and the environmental impact. Professionals like the Telecommunications Industry Associations are the ones responsible for setting the specifications and requirements for the center design.

Three Main Criteria for Cloud Computing

1. Power distribution and cooling.
2. Labor costs
3. The actual computing.

Cloud data centers do not have the same limitations as the traditional centers. They were built after the rational networks were and they are built on a different scale.

There are many IT companies that are available to help if your business needs the networking and security upgraded or put in. Or, if there is an issue where your company is looking for more bandwidth to be able to use. IT consultants are well worth the money spent because these are experts when it comes getting your company online and secure.

You can have an amazing amount of bandwidth but if your system is not secured than there will be issues. Some of the best known software and operating equipment come from the top internet and computing experts like Microsoft, Bay Microsystems, and McAfee.

The security of the company information is very important. With the use of the newest technologies many businesses would come to standstill if the network suddenly stopped working. Not having use of the company network can cause huge financial damage to companies.

The use of cloud networking and computing has saved businesses a lot of money. Many successful businesses will hire their own IT specialist to keep an eye on things and if there are any problem help will be there. The IT Company you choose should have really good customer support.

NwTech, Inc. has been providing the best in IT security systems for businesses, educational institutions, hospitals and government. NwTech, Inc. has been in business since 1999 and is a private entity. Partnering with some of the best-known IT security companies such as Kaspersky, Websense, Check Point, and Trustwave makes IT solutions available for all sectors.

Using Firewall to Protect Your Computer

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Why do you need to protect your computer with a firewall? Does a firewall really help? A firewall is a program or hardware that provides your computer protection from anonymous hackers, worms, and viruses that try to invade your computer through the Internet. It is a barrier that protects your computer. The firewall scans the things that go through your Internet access point to filter your computer from anomalies based on how you customized the settings.

A firewall’s task is tantamount to an actual, physical firewall which keeps fire from spreading to other areas or even your home.

When using your computer at home, or you have a network of computers, or you are using your computer for business, it is essentially important to turn on your firewall. The firewall has two variations. One is hardware and the other is a software program. The hardware firewall is a piece of electronic device which is usually used by businesses handling large networks. Computers used at home usually use the software firewall.

The firewall is needed especially if you have a DSL service or a cable modem for Internet connection. But, having your firewall turned on does not mean you are completely and fully protected from hackers, worms, and viruses. The firewall will not always block virus in emails or malwares from attacking and infiltrating your computer. You also need to have updated antivirus software installed in your computer to double the security and increase the protection.

Firewalls use different combinations of the three ways to control the inflow and outflow of traffic in the network:

Packet filtering refers to the analysis of small chunks of data. The firewall scrutinizes the header information which holds the source, destination IP addresses, and the ports. Packets or small bits of data that pass through the filters are sent to the requesting system while all the other data are rejected.

Proxy service. In the proxy service, the information or data from the Internet is reclaimed by the firewall and launched to the requesting system and from the requesting system to the firewall.

Make sure that your computer runs with a firewall. If you can, you should also try using an all-in-one security suite such as an antivirus firewall software program that works both as virus protection and firewall. .