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One Stop Solution to All Your Computer Hardware Need

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

In modern era our day to day work is done with the help of technology. We are fully dependent on technology. We wake up check time in mobiles, we get ready for work and in workplaces all your official tasks are done on computer and when we reach our homes we socialize on social networking sites, if you ever noticed that all your day went smoothly because of computers. Computers are actually boon to our world. Imagine our world without computers and no internet to connect, it will be a sheer wreck. Computers are not just meant for workplaces but for every place like hospitals, schools, airports etc. we are totally dependent upon computers that we can’t even imagine our lives without them.

Companies purchase computers on industrial basis to ensure company’s high productivity as computer makes your work easy and consume less time. But when computers give us so much, they also demand something in return which is, proper maintenance and regular check of hardware components. Yes, a computer needs proper maintenance in order to work properly for a long period of time. Maintenance of computer is neither easy nor reasonable. Computer once bought need some precautions and upkeep to work properly and if proper care is not taken a computer is dead weight. They need regular update of software and hardware components. And these software and hardware components available in market are not always of authentic quality. Installing poor quality and fake components can damage you computer permanently.

People even choose to become computer hardware dealer because it is a lucrative field right now. With so many computers been sold everyday, need of good quality branded hardware components are also on rise. People charge higher amounts for fake and poor quality hardware parts the computer, sometimes more than necessary is charged. Organizations, schools and other places having a large number of computers, face regular need of computer updating and many computer hardware components dealer charge more than necessary.

There are companies providing the customers with good and high quality computer hardware parts on reasonable rates. One them is JP Computer solutions, it is an online store for all you computer, pc, laptop hardware needs. They provide a wide range of branded computer and PC hardware parts like CPU/ processors, fans and heat sinks, video cards etc. They offer you hardware of almost every known brand on retail, perfect for large scale industries. They are reliable and have customer centric approach that makes them customer loyal. They have a very good customer service policy which allows the customer to get the order within 3-4 working days without any delay but in case of major distance delivery time can vary. They have cash back and discount offers top maintain good customer relations. The billing facility is also very easy and secure so that you can shop by your credit card without any stress..

Get a Great PC for Gaming

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

PCs for high end gaming come with widely varying features, as a result of using different kinds of quality components. Here, we’ll talk about important features of a gaming PC:

System Case

You can get a desktop PCs in various sizes and shapes. Computers with a bigger case allow you to get several larger graphics, more hard drives, and sophisticated cooling arrangements. The most important part is the design of the motherboard, which gives numerous features. The limitation of such large cases is the fact that they occupy a lot of space and can dominate rooms of small sizes.

The number of computers having smaller Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards is increasing gradually. Their size is quite manageable. However, these are not adequate for users who like to double these up for graphic cards, or fit a larger quantity of internal parts, though they remain almost as powerful as their bigger cousins.

Graphic Cards

Of the internal components contained in computer’s case, the most significant for games is the graphic card. The biggest graphic cards are unlikely to get fitted into all cases. But generally, you should choose the most powerful card that your budget allows, as this component plays the most significant role in the way games perform.

There continues to be a strong competition with regard to price, the selection of graphic cards, plus advanced architectures among nVidia and AMD. The scales so far continue to swing among these two.

In case of gaming PCs, don’t ever be sparing when it comes to graphic cards. Though these components are the costliest, they are the most significant for gaming. Do not hesitate to go for a somewhat slower processor at the cost of a superior graphic card. On the whole, you should think in terms of matching their performance to steer clear of jams, and derive the most out of the two.

The Processor

Though the gaming experience is dependent on the graphic processor, your PC essentially requires its central processor. Even though most of what is available in the market comprises of the same basics, there is difference in their speed of using the memory, the selection of SSD and overclocking.

To avoid the overheating of the CPU, an efficient system cooling is essential. Look for equipments with a large number of fans and bigger heat sinks. The main benefit of liquid cooling is the fact that the noise from the fans is reduced, and cooling becomes more efficient. Also, the fans in a computer have dust filters that help reducing the incoming trash, which could clog the fans and result to their becoming louder and hotter..