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Archive for July 23rd, 2015

Improve Your Organic SEO Strategy

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Emphasizing upon target keyword research, content strategy, high-quality backlinks and on-page optimization help improve your organic search engine rankings.

Everyday millions of people turn to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to seek information about products and services that they are looking for. By typing relevant keywords and clicking ‘enter’, users are led to the first page or what you could call a ‘battleground’ for many websites; a ‘battleground’ to get listed amongst the topmost search results. Achieving a high search engine ranking for your website requires an intelligent SEO strategy.

Affordable SEO services available nowadays help improve visibility, credibility and branding of a business, attracting valuable web traffic. SEO agencies optimize websites to make them more user and search engine friendly. This is accomplished at two levels:

a) Keyword optimization: It involves creating website pages that describe your products and services accurately by using words or terms that people often use while looking for similar products and services on search engines.

b) Metatag optimization: SEO works by creating high-quality page titles, meta tags and page descriptions that reflect as well as magnify the value of the existing content on the website.

Here are five suggestions to improve your Organic SEO services strategically:

• Targeted Keywords

It is important to identify and target the specific keywords that potential customers are likely to use while looking for the product or service you provide. Targeting the right keywords can help you target the right customers too.

• On-page Optimization

It refers to the factors affecting a website’s listing in organic search engine results which are regulated by the coding of the page. It includes the actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

• Content Strategy

High-quality and search-friendly content is the key to enhance your organic SEO approach. Content strategy involves accommodating relevant keywords and valuable information for visitors in the website content. Websites must also be refurbished with new content on a regular basis.

• High-quality Backlinks

Guest blogging and infographic distribution are some of the best ways to attract high-quality backlinks. It is recommended to focus on the quality instead of quantity of these links by preferring websites with higher page rankings for link distribution.

• Monitor Your Rankings

SEO service providers should constantly monitor keyword rankings and analyze them to determine which keywords and traffic sources are proving beneficial to the business. Keeping a constant eye on this data will help you trace possible customer-specific keywords and eliminate the ones not used often from your SEO strategy.

5 Issues to Fix for Website Usability

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

You should make sure that the website loads well using the most common browsers as well as the ones newly released. If you fail to do this, you might end up losing a lot of potential customers.

#2. Call-to-action

In order to enhance the revenues, you will make use of different types of call-to-action elements on your website. The registration tab or the options to connect to your social networking handles might be included on your website in order to attract your users. When you add the call-to-action elements on your website, you should ask the agents at the web design company to make sure that these are clearly visible to all sorts of users. Different users will browse the web using devices of various screen-sizes. The call-to-attention elements should not be missed out by a user while browsing through the pages. This is very important to enhance website usability.

#3. Information Overload

Including a lot of data on the pages is not a good idea. You should make sure that all the information that you wish to pass on to your users are included in an attractive manner. You should discuss your requirements with the Web Design Company that you choose for designing the pages and come up with smart ways for the users to gain quick access. Pictorial and graphical representations will help to reach the information out to the users quicker.

#4. Navigation

You should make sure that you have breadcrumbs on all the pages of your website in order to make things easy for your users. You should also implement a clean and easy navigation path to help your users access all the pages without any hassle. The address to access each page should be made easily readable and the tabs should be user-friendly. If your users face difficulty in accessing the pages of the website, they might just close the page and go to your competitor’s website. You should hence be careful with the navigation paths.

#5. Form filling

If you are designing a business website, it would always be better to choose a Corporate Web Design Company to make things easy and productive. This will help you a lot in taking care of much-needed components on the website like form filing in a professional manner. After browsing through your website, your users might want to get in touch with you. They would want to share their concerns or ask for your services. You should make sure that the forms required to make this easy for your users are easily available on your website. It would be wise to include this option on all pages of the website. If you take care of this, you will definitely be able to provide a better experience to your users and you will get to know it directly from a lot of them.

Taking care of these factors will definitely provide a wonderful user experience to everyone visiting your website!.