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Archive for December, 2010

How to Choose the Best Data Recovery Software

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Data recovery software are a very handy and easy to use tool that will not only enable you to recover lost data on your computer’s hard drive but will also let you do a host of other things. Troubleshooting issues of data loss or damage has become very easy even for a novice user with the availability of such software on the market. It is as simple as purchasing or downloading such software and running it on your system. When you are looking to buy recovery software there are some things that you should take a note of.

There are many instances where you may have accidentally lost some files off your system. These can occur due to a host of reasons and should not be taken lightly. Choose data recovery software that handles files and file types also. It so happens many times that files get corrupted and are unreadable by a particular program. This can happen due to many reasons like viruses, loss of file address from memory, bad sectors on hard drives, improper extension rendering the file format as unrecognizable or accidental deletion as already mentioned.

Additional features of recovery software include recovery of data from secondary memory sources like USB drives and even digital cameras. Check he software for compatibility with different operating systems also. One very important feature of a good recovery tool is that it can also work on a computer that does not have a working operating system. DOS compliant data recovery tools should be preferred for if you are making a sizable investment in data recovery software. .

Many Benefits of Using Firewalls

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Firewalls are filters that filter any information passing from and into your computer when you are surfing the Internet. It is up to you to set a filtration level where you can say what information gets in and what gets out. Many people believe that the firewalls are the first level of security and they are not far from the truth. There are many benefits of using firewalls.

If you are using a computer at home or office, it is important to have a firewall. The thing is that most large organizations have very complex firewalls which are relatively impenetrable. These firewalls prevent employees from sending out sensitive company data through emails. They also prevent employees from accessing sites which could be harmful to the organization’s network or stop the employees from being productive. In addition, firewalls prevent other computers from accessing the company’s network.

The benefits of using a firewall are immense for an organization and that is why it is in such great demand. There are many different levels of configuration possible with firewalls and any organization using them would require trained IT employees to oversee and maintain them.

When we talk about computers at home, the firewall used is not as complex as that used in an organization. Here the firewall just has to protect your home PC and network from malicious software like viruses and spyware. A firewall on your home computer does not allow traffic to enter or go out other than what has been programmed..